Protecting our green spaces and environment

Green spaces are vital for our mental and physical health. Research from Natural England says, ‘we could save £2.1 billion in health costs each year if everyone in England had good access to green space.’ The Conservative government set a legal duty to protect nature, setting binding targets to improve water quality, air pollution, and reduce waste through the Environment Act of 2021. 

The Conservative Party has consistently acted to protect the environment, Margaret Thatcher raised the subject of the climate, bringing it to international attention in 1989 when she addressed UN leaders about the “insidious nature” of climate change.

One of the achievements of this government has been to introduce the Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS), which provides farmers with an alternative source of income, in addition to income through food production. Farmers are being rewarded for restoring nature and biodiversity. 

Protecting nature and seeing it flourish, and promoting sustainable communities are part of Kristy's values as an individual. In the UK we send 350,000 tonnes of used clothing to landfill every year, valued at approximately £140 million (Clothes Aid, accessed Nov 2023). As a country we can live more sustainably by choosing to shop locally, buying from charity shops and second hand stores and repair damaged items. Kristy chooses to buy and wear preloved items, and aims to live in a sustainable way.