Improving healthcare and access to GPs

An average sized GP practice of 10,000 patients will often receive more than 100 calls as soon as they open on a Monday morning. In May 2023 the Conservative Government provided £240 million to GP practices to embrace technology, enable online booking and call back services as well. Mims Davies MP reported, ‘This will mean that when patients in Mid Sussex contact their practice online or over the phone they will know on the day they make contact how their query will be managed, rather than being told to call back later. If their need is urgent, they will be assessed and given appointments on the same day. If it is not urgent, appointments should be offered within 2 weeks, or patients will be referred to NHS 111 or a local pharmacy.’

During 2023, this £240 million of funding for GP practices was part of the Government’s £885 million Primary Care Plan, investing in our NHS.

Some of the GP provision in Burgess Hill is run by the Modality Group, in September 2023 a joint statement was released by Mims Davies MP and Jeremy Quin MP acknowledging the depth of action required to improve the service in three practices in Sussex and the Modality Group recognise the measures needed to monitor, contact and follow up with patients that need specific care. Both MP’s casework reflected the accuracies for the CQC report which described troubling experiences. Monitoring will take place via the Integrated Care Board, who are offering advice and guidance. Modality Group are recruiting more clinicians and this process is essential for improving the service and will take time to complete. Kristy will work closely with Mims and Jeremy as they listen and engage with the Modality Group, so that constituents receive the medical care and support they deserve.