Fighting inappropriate housing developments

Levelling up the UK depends on housing being built to provide for the needs of local people that also protects and enhances the natural world. The planning system based on a clear legal framework and open consultation with local people is at the heart of responsible development. Local residents and businesses have the opportunity to contribute to public consultations, and their voices should be given sufficient weight in the process. Protecting the villages of Albourne, Bolney, Ansty & Cuckfield and Wineham from inappropriate planning applications remains a high priority for Kristy. In Haywards Heath we see Lewes District Council, led by the Lib Dem administration aiming to dump their housing numbers on our border and expecting Haywards Heath to provide the services but not providing Mid Sussex District Council with the money to invest in Haywards Heath's infrastructure. In Burgess Hill, considering the housing numbers built so far, it is vital we have a town centre that reflects all the potential this town has stored up.

Our beautiful Sussex countryside and communities must not be inappropriately “under siege” from developers when the homes the nation needs can be built in cities and areas which already have the facilities that residents need and want. Cities also provide the public transport and connectivity a larger population requires, frequent buses, trams, trains and tube lines. In December 2023 Mid Sussex District Council Councillors voted on the district plan. It has now moved from Reg 18 stage, to Reg 19, the final stage is in January, providing the opportunity to comment on the plan so far, this is the final public consultation. The plan is then submitted to the planning inspectorate who will rigorously check each part of the plan. Representations can be made by us as local people, as well as developers and land owners. The final decision then rests with the inspector and not the District Council.

Our planning system is being reformed, in England the Conservative government has ensured developers must deliver a biodiversity net gain of 10% and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was updated this week. In Mid Sussex a large proportion of our land area is within the AONB, the remaining 40% is providing the land for the housing numbers, this is totally unsustainable. Mid Sussex deserves to be protected for future generations, whilst maintaining up to date Neighbourhood and District plans are vital to protect our area from speculative developments.

In Twineham, Wineham, Cuckfield and Ansty Kristy will continue to fight against planning applications that threaten our countryside, whether it be inappropriate development, battery storage units the size of a shipping containers or caravans on agricultural land. Kristy visited the site of land between Ansty and Cuckfield with District Councillors Malcolm Avery and Jim Knight, this site was proposed by a developer as a potential location for over 1450 houses, the view towards the church and the centre of Cuckfield village is iconic and would be lost forever if this land was ever built on. The site failed on a number of highways issues and was not added to the Mid Sussex Council District Plan at Reg 18 or Reg 19 stages. In October 2023, DEFRA minister for the Natural Environment and Land Use, Trudy Harrison MP, visited the same site with Kristy Adams, Mims Davies MP and Cllr Pete Bradbury. The Minister agreed with Kristy that the green spaces between villages must be protected from over development. The Conservative team in Mid Sussex, Mims Davies MP, all Conservative Councillors and Kristy Adams are in agreement that we do not need or want this site to be built on. 

When new homes are built Kristy will advocate for the design and materials that are in harmony with the landscape and setting. King Charles oversaw a ground breaking development in Poundbury, using local materials and design that enhances the residents quality of life, this conurbation could be our inspiration in Mid Sussex. Community land trusts are also paving the way for less expensive housing to provide for future housing. Kristy continues to raise the issue of the right homes in the right places, local facilities and infrastructure with decision makers, with a focus on the provision of patient spaces in doctors surgeries and dental practices for all areas.